Curriculum Vitae


Joan Greenbaum

Professor Emerita — City University of New York

Environmental Psychology

Graduate Center



In the Name of Efficiency: Management Theory and Shopfloor Practice in Data Processing Work (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1979).

Design at Work: Cooperative Design of Computer Systems , with Morten Kyng (Hillsdale, N. J.: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, 1991)

Windows on the Workplace: Computers, Jobs, and the Organization of Office Work in the Late Twentieth Century  (NY: Cornerstone Books, Monthly Review Press, 1994).

Windows on the Workplace: Computers, Jobs and the Organization of Office Work, new edition (Monthly Review Press, 2004).

Academic Experience:

1997-present: Professor, Graduate Center, City University of New York, Faculty, Environmental Psychology; Interactive Technology and Pedagogy

1973-2007:   Professor, Computer Information Systems Department, City University of New York, LaGuardia Community College

1983-93:   Visiting Associate Professor, Economics Department, Barnard College, Columbia University

1986-88   Guest Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark; also 1991-92 , Aarhus University.

1995-96:  Guest Professor, Informatics Department, University of Oslo, Norway.

2007: Guest Professor, Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Spring 07.

Educational Summary:

Ph.D.Union Graduate School, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1977 Political Economy: Dissertation: “A Study of Change in Data Processing Work” funded in part by the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC.

Selected Publications 1990-present:

“Zen and the Art of Teaching Systems Development”, with Lars Mathiassen,in Computers and Society, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1990.

“The Head and the Heart, Using Gender Analysis to Study the Social Construction of Computer Systems”, in Computers and Society, Vol 20. No. 2, 1990.

“A Design of One’s Own: Toward Participatory Design in the United States”, in Namioka, Aki, and Schuler, Douglas (eds), Participatory Design  (Erlbaum, Press, 1993).

“Small Changes: Using Workshops for giving participants a choice”, in Namiloka, A. and Schuler, D. (eds), Participatory Design (Erlbaum, Press, 1993)

“Design of Information Systems–Things versus People”, with Susanne Bodker, in Gendered by Design, Information Technology and Office Systems, Green, E. Owen, J. and Pain, D.( eds), (Taylor & Francis, London, 1993).

“The Forest and the Trees”, Monthly Review, Vol. 46, No. 6, Nov. 1994.

“Back to Labor: Returning to labor process discussions in the study of work”, CSCW Proceedings, (ACM, 1996); Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work. (Kluwer).

“Post Modern Times, participation beyond the workplace” in Proceedings of the Particiatory Design Conference, Cambridge, Mass. Nov. 1996, ACM.

“Labor is More than Work: Using labor analysis to study use situations and jobs”, in Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, (1996; 8.2)

“Spread Over Time and Place: Redivided labor and the role of technical infrastructure”, in M. Wardell, P. Meiksins, T. Steiger,  (eds), Rethinking the Labor Process, (Albany: SUNY Press, 1997).

“From Chaplin to Dilbert: The making of computer concepts”, in S. Aronowitz and J. Cutler (eds), Post-Work: The Wages of Cybernation, (NY: Routledge Press, 1998).

“Making Computer Chips into Managers: The interplay of technical and organizational constraints”, in  P. Thompson, C. Warhurst, (eds), Future Workplaces (London, Macmillan, 1998).

” Constructing Time in New Media Systems”, with Dagny Stuedahl, in Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference, Computer People for Social Responsibility, Palo Alto, Ca, Nov. 2000.

“Return to the Garden of Eden? Learning, Working, and Living”, with Fischer, Gerhard &  Frieder Nake, The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 9(4), Fall 2000,  pp 505-513.

“Its about Time:  Deadlines and Workpractices in New Media”, with Dagny Stuedahl, International Communication Systems Journal, Fall 2001.

“Got Air”, with David Kotelchuck, Working USA, Fall 2003, Vol. 7, No. 2. reprinted in “Got Air: Indoor air quality in US offices”, with David Kotelchuck, in Vernon Mogensen, ed., Worker Safety Under Siege: Labor, Capital and the Politics of Workplace Safety (M.E. Sharpe, 2005).

“Appropriating digital environments: (Re) constructing the physical through the digital”, in ReSearching a Digital Bauhaus, T. Binder, L. Malbom (eds). Springer Verlag, 2008.

“Participatory problem-solving through interactive environments”, research paper Participatory Design Conference, Oct. 2008 Proceedings, ACM.

“Doubt is their product”, book review, Review of Radical Political Economy, Fall 2009.

“Situations and interactions: Digital cafe squatting and participatory design”, Participipatory Design Conference, Dec. 2010, ACM.

“The Political Economy of Mobile Technologies and Everyday Life”, Keynote address> International Labour Process Conference, Stockholm, March 2012, Swedish council for Working Life and social Research.

“Participation, the camel and the elephant of design”,  with Daria Loi, CoDesign, International Journal of Cocreation in Design and the Arts. Vol. 8, No-2-3 Sept 2012, Taylor & Francis.

“Heritage: Having a Say”, Chap. 2 with Finn Kensing, in The Handbook of Participatory Design, Keld Bodker, Jesper Simonsen, Toni Robertson, eds., Routledge 2012.

Selected publications (prior to 1990):

“Automation: A Look at the Basic Assumptions” in Computers and Society, Fall 1975.

“A Model for Integration of Cooperative Education and the Classroom”, with Meryl Sussman, in Journal of Cooperative Education, May 1976.

“Division of Labor in the Computer Field”, Monthly Review, July-August 1976. Reprinted in Monthly Review Edizione Italiana, Sept. 1976, and inTechnology the Labor Process and the Working Class (Monthly Review Press, 1977).

“Specialization, Jobs and the Role of the Community College”, LaGuardia Review, Winter-Spring, 1978.

“Kitchen Culture/Kitchen Dialectic:  Women and Technology”, in Heresies, Women and Architecture, Vol 3, No. 3, 1981.

“Resistance and Accommodation”, Monthly Review, May 1981.

“A Feeling for Systems Development Work”, with Susanne Bodker, in Women, Work and Computerization,  in K. Tijdens, et al, eds. (North Holland, 1988).

“In Search of Cooperation, An Historical Analysis of Work Organization and Management Strategies”, in Computer Supported Cooperative Work Proceedings  (ACM 1988).

 “Five Easy Pieces: Reframing the Design of Office Systems” with  Kim Halskov Madsen, in Office Technology and People, Vol. 4, No. 2, 1988.

“Office Automation Training: An Empowerment Approach”, with Sandra Watson, in JobTraining for Women, the Promise and Limits of Public Policies, S. Harlan and R. Steinberg, eds. (Temple University Press, 1989).

Selection of Major Research Projects:

 The following is an overview of some of the major projects (generally longer than one year and involving coordination among 5 or more people) I have planned, organized and carried out.  They include curriculum design, consulting, labor union advising, principle research investigation, workshop design and facilitation, applied and theoretical research field work and a radio program based on researching current affairs. In addition I have supervised and participated in a range of smaller (less than one year) research and industry-based case studies and projects, as well as supervising student research projects.


Curriculum/Technical Advisor, Working Women Education Fund of the National Association of Working Women, 1982-85.

Producer, Co-Anchor, Econonews, bi-weekly radio program of Economic Affairs, New York City, 1983-86.

Director, U.S. Research Projects for the International Computer Occupations Network (ICON), funded by  the British Social Science Research Foundation, andThe European Economic Community, 1983-88.

Principal Research Investigator, New York Case Study of Automation of Clerical Work, Office of Technology Assessment, U. S. Congress, 1984-85.

Co-Director, Study of Roles in Systems Development Work (ROSA project), funded             by the Danish Social Science Research Council, 1986-87.

Consultant/Principle Research coordinator, Participatory Design Project, computer             software and network selection for the Association of Computing Machinery  (ACM), 1990.

Technical Advisor, Siberian Coal Miners Union, : hardware and software selection,             implementation and training, Siberia, Russia, 1993.

Consultant, Union Research Centre on Office Technology (URCOT); participatory             design of information systems, Melbourne, Australia, 1993.

Co-Principal Research Investigator, National Council on Employment Policy, study of             high performance workplaces, conducted with the Institute for Labor and             Research, New York City, 1994/95.

Seminar/Workshop Leader, Workshops and training sessions on participatory design,             conducted for corporations, associations and government agencies, 1993-97.

Co-Director Workplace Health and Safety, Professional Staff Congress (AFT) 1999-present.